The Decentralized Sports Prediction Market

HOW TO: Bulk Orders

Bulk orders are an easy way to pick multiple markets you'd like to trade in and submit all the orders together. For example, you might want to trade in all the games happening today. Or you might want to sell several of your positions at the same time.

Let's dive in and see how it works!


Single transaction bulk orders are coming soon. Stay tuned!


Today I’m going to show you how to make bulk orders on Frontrunner. Bulk orders are a great way to make several bets with fewer clicks. Let’s say you want to make a trade in several of today’s games. Let’s go with some division leaders to win today.

With all the orders in your bet slip, let’s buy a few shares of each. At the bottom, you can see the combined order value, max profit, and max loss for all the orders. Let’s go ahead and complete the bulk order. Just sign each of the transactions as they appear, and you’re done!

In just a moment, you’ll see your new shares in your holdings. You can even mix and match limit orders, market orders, buy or sell orders all in one batch.

About Frontrunner

Frontrunner is a decentralized sports prediction market where users can buy shares of sports propositions and trade them like they would stocks. Unlike traditional sportsbooks where users place a bet and wait, Frontrunner gives users full control over their portfolios, allowing them to dynamically buy and sell positions as the odds change. By leveraging the power of free markets and the blockchain, we create transparent markets and liquid positions to reduce counterparty risk and fundamentally change the way that people invest in their sports knowledge and beliefs.

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