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We believe in skill over luck, and your knowledge should be rewarded. When you’ve got skin in the game, it makes fandom more fun.

Frontrunner is the first zero gas fee, decentralized sports prediction market built on blockchain where you get the best odds with no house edge. No limits, no restrictions, just your bets and your profits.

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the future of sports betting

In 2019, I placed a bet at the beginning of the season on the long shot San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV. They would go on to make it to the Super Bowl but ended up losing. Despite being 99% right, I couldn’t cash in on my success. I then asked myself, “Why can’t I change my bet or position at any time and profit?”

This one question turned into many I had with my friends, who became founders - all of them landing at the same conclusion - the modern sports fan is being underserved through antiquated ways of sports betting. The idea of stock market-style sports betting was born.
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// Neil Zhang // Founder & CEO

the dream team

// Eric Jiang //

Founder & Head of Product

// Brian Vander Schaaf //

Founder & CTO

// Nillan Patel //

Founder & Head of Engineering


We are a team of sports fans, degens, engineers, designers, and business leaders. Every member of our team deserves to feel supported, psychologically safe, valued for their individuality, and respected for their opinions and contributions. We believe that innovation is driven by diversity and people from all walks of life have a seat at our table.


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